Diablo 3 assign skills to different slots

diablo 3 assign skills to different slots

Hi everyone, So I just found out that people can use more than 1 Force skill or more than 1 Defensive skill at a time while reading other people's. Quick guide i created for people wondering how i can put skills i have in any of the action bar slots as i was. For Diablo III on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Setting specific skills to Each skill slot is assigned a category. Forums General Discussion Assigning skills to other slots? These mats can be used to make other items and later on gems. Now it makes a lot more sense why people would want elective mode to me. However, it's the other way. You are not boom jack to request a sticky.

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By default it's located under C: On a side note, normal mode seems really easy, like diablo was dead in minutes and never took a sinlge point of damage it felt like. While normally I am amused by comment flame wars I am actually for the first time personally disappointed. TL;DR Apparently skills behave the same way as the equipment they're slotted in. It deserves hardcore criticism because Blizzard had 11 years to work on it. diablo 3 assign skills to different slots


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